United We Stand Finale – Divided We Fall

The thrilling conclusion to the campaign! Last time, dark secrets were uncovered, Uso was put under house arrest, Billy Joel was put into jail, and the army came to town.

The military is massing on the outside of the town – as the session opens, our heroes have them under observation. They are well armed, well equipped, and appear to be on the cusp of an amphibious attack.

Can our heroes unite their allies to stave off destruction, or will they fall?

Side Chatter

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  • Matt – Julie Lagacé.  The sole doctor in town.  Originally from Vontier.  Due to constant overwork and racism towards herself, is incredibly misanthropic.
  • James – Sheriff Alim “Al” Abdul-Musawwir.  A gunsmith turned amiable protector of local law. Knows everyone.
  • Nate – Agnes Johara Mikhail.  A hot-headed miner’s daughter with a bad habit of punching first and asking questions later.


  1. [Spoilers]

    To anyone who might find themselves fond of these character, they continue to appear in later SD one-offs set in New Xexoria, either as PCs or in cameo appearances/references. I don’t know if anyone else is as enthralled by continuity as I am, but this is a detail that makes me happy.

    1. It helps that I like the characters. Also, I realized I changed some names of things after this session (or in the case of the tank, mid-session).

    2. I quite liked all of the PCs in this one. I really liked how the doctor and sheriff were very understated but strong personalities. I sort of wonder if there is some past misfortune that led to Sheriff Al having a really pacifistic stance on most things. They were both really great foils for Agnes’, uh, vigorous and youthful nature. Also glad that everyone had really badass moments during the finale; Agnes punching everything forever, Julie… expectorating blood? And not losing her cigarette, I guess? And Al capping the golem. It was neat.

      1. I stand by what I say. The best moment any character of mine ever had in a game ever was Agnes during her final confrontation with Hassim. When Hassim draws a gun on her: “You know what happened to those guys?” “What?” “They pointed guns at me.” PUNCH.

        Regrettably, I am not quick witted enough to successfully pull off an action hero one liner ever again.

  2. This scenario was fun, I’m excited to see what happens to these PC in other games. My only complaint would be the make Hassim more evil in the beginning. Maybe I missed something but it felt like he was just a poor leader up until last session then he turned into a Communist dictator. Also MVP vote for to Matt for the party at Uso’s house. I don’t know what point it served but it was funny to listen to.

    Finally, two things:
    1) I though that Uso was/should have been “Baned.” The moment was just too perfect. Charlie was that an option had someone royally messed up a roll?

    2) Has James ever been to Vegas? It seems every time he is in a game he rolls extremely well. I remember in CoC “Just Vengeance” he got a super crit on something and here the same thing happened. Matt seems to have the opposite luck and gets poor rolls at the most inappropriate time.

    1. James always rolls well. Always. He doesn’t actually critically fail anything. He either succeeds (half the time) or super succeeds (the other half the time). That being said, playing a game he is GMing is an exercise in futility. In 7th Sea, we almost get taken down by mere thugs, if only because they outrolled us 9 times out of 10.

  3. A really late comment, but I’m listening to everything starting from the beginning.

    The one sour point of this campaign to me is the Agnes character. I have trouble suspending my disbelief in almost every encounter she takes part in. She is allowed to indiscriminately attack and injure adult men around her with immunity. Any amount of sense would say she would have been punished long ago, and held in incarceration at the least when she continued to attack people. Just because the character being played was a young girl, she was given carte blanche to act like almost a mary sue, any other character would have been hit back and retaliated to. Instead she gets martrix-esque fighting sequences.

    Seems to actually be a running theme with the ‘little girls’ that player creates. They act antagonistic, self entitled and seem to always get away with things they shouldn’t if it was any other person.

    Aside from that… I enjoy your podcasts.

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