Sordid Dystopia – The Thirteen Patients

The New Xexorian organization, the Delayers of Death, have discovered an old, abandoned pre-cataclysm hospital, known only as “Rick’s.”  While it may have sunk a few stories into the ground, it is still very structurally sound and holds a number of still-functioning facilities.

Julie Lagace arrives on the scene with the rest of the Delayers, along with a few mercenaries and a local sheriff.  Before any of them have any time to meet up and talk about their times spent in the 3 months following the loss of their old town, they have to get to work fixing up the hospital.


  • Matt – Julie Lagacé.  The sole doctor in town.  Originally from Vontier.  Due to constant overwork and racism towards herself, is incredibly misanthropic.
  • James – Sheriff Alim “Al” Abdul-Musawwir.  A gunsmith turned amiable protector of local law. Knows everyone.
  • Nate – Agnes Johara Mikhail.  A hot-headed miner’s daughter with a bad habit of punching first and asking questions later.


  1. I’m to write this up a module at some point. Major change will be all the ghosts will relate to an aspect. Also,if anyone is wondering about Rave and the “last job”, that was a game that happened before this that Matt hasn’t posted yet,cause you know,horrible monster.

    1. Author

      I don’t remember Rave even being mentioned in this game. None of that was particularly vital to the story either.

      1. At the beginning with Yuso and Agnes. But is indeed not that relevant to the story.

        1. Oh, right. The previous job. That’ll be posted eventually, I imagine. A lot of the mercenaries’ jobs have a very loose canonical connection. They’re all canon to one another, yes, and sometimes reference one another, but very few of them require the others for context. In fact, in this case, it was a lot like a noodle incident (“Man, that job with Rave. You know, with the train? Gawd.”) that gets explained in a later posting.

  2. Yay, horror is back on D&U! Even better its in a new flavor, Charlie horror.

    I liked the scenario it was a good mix between Sam’s and Nate’s style of story telling.
    I do have a question, have you every played Silent Hill 4: The Room? I got the strongest feeling that was one of the inspirations for the game, on top of 13 Ghosts and similar ghost/horror movie.

    MVP vote Matt. Playing “Doctor House with tits” in a horror setting was hilarious. Kinda reminded me of the Spike and Barley Play web series on Youtube.

  3. Found you podcast just recently, Possably my new favorite Recorded RPG session podcast, nice to see the “United we stand” characters stick around….

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