Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 63 – Open Your Mind


Hackman is defeated. The last major threat of Odyn’s grab for power sits alone in a cell, gibbering, mad. The kids of Mrs. Friedas Halfway Home are triumphant.

Despite the appearances of ghosts and regrets, old and new, it is time to lick their wounds, eat pancakes, and hash out what the hell to do now.

Side chatter



  1. Y’know, despite how he started out, 2Dope seems to have become possibly the strongest voice of reason in the group. Helps that he has a semi-omniscient rabbit at his back, but, still. Scary.

    1. Author

      Caleb is the veteran in the group. He puts on a gangsta persona and other stuff to hide his world-weariness.

  2. Aww the monsters have fallen in love. The two people we want bad things will fall together how sweet
    Also Nayt & Manda are the cutest couple in this game
    Why does that girl working for Butch sound like Etsu?
    George over inflated ego discussion between, Eld and Caleb man that is very interesting

  3. My mom works at hospital, so I can testify that hospital food is actually the best fucking food on the face of the earth.

    1. Author

      My experiences with hospital food the few times I’ve been admitted were not great ones. It was about on-par with cafeteria food but with a little less flavor.

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