After years in development and editing, we at the Drunk and the Ugly finally debuted the playtest draft of our new game Gobblin’: The Goblin RPG at Gen Con 2017. If you’re interested in playtesting this game, send an email to In the world of magic and dragons, knightsContinue Reading

The Ashton City Liberators and the Tall Summers have been collaborating on the takedown of one Jamie King, and following some research, the combined groups have found their way to his hideout: an old nip joint on the East End.  Plans are set, and now it’s time to commit.  DeathContinue Reading

Hackman is defeated. The last major threat of Odyn’s grab for power sits alone in a cell, gibbering, mad. The kids of Mrs. Friedas Halfway Home are triumphant. Despite the appearances of ghosts and regrets, old and new, it is time to lick their wounds, eat pancakes, and hash outContinue Reading

Having uncovered crucial information about the manner in which Slash Hackman uses mind control, the kids of Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home are quickly coming to the realization that they have very nearly waited too long to deal with this threat. The race is on to trace Slash’s last known location,Continue Reading

Christmas is a magical time of anticipation and wonder for children around the world. The night before Christmas is all too long and the night after so short. Some children love Christmas so much, they want it to never end. What is it about this time of year that entrances so manyContinue Reading