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Legend of the Five Rings – Writ of Justice (Part 3)

As it turns out, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  The magistrate’s investigation into Battle’s Respite has uncovered some dark sinister blood magic that has brought back the village samurai as a terrible tainted puppet controlled by blood magic.  The village must be purified.  Or maybe Kituski should just use his sword.

Our apologies for this week’s episode as recording was not started until halfway through the game.

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Legend of the Five Rings – Writ of Justice (Part 2)

The magistrates have managed the rescue of the young Otomo and broken up a local poppy operation.  However justice calls, and they now head to the small town of Battle’s Respite, greeted by large plumes of smoke.  Just another day in the life.

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Ashton City Heroes Ep 21 – Short Change Hero


The day after the school dance, and things have not settled into normalcy for our young heroes.

They need to regroup and sort out their own teenage selves while out in the Ashton City nights, an expert thief is stalking.

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Base Raiders – Taskforce: Darknet (Part 1)


A rag tag group of Base Raiders are tipped off to a super powered drug dealer operating in the area. All challenges aside; these people need to put bread in their jar. It’s time to get paid.

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Prominence, SC Episode 38 – Who Wants To Live Forever? (Part 3)


Noah and Keiko have found themselves way in over their heads in a conflict with a PMC. When the situation escalates into all out war on the college campus, the Spirits of Prominence must fight a threat that styles itself after legend.

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