It’s the Fourth of July, and that means fireworks, hot dogs, and…mystery? The gang of Apple Court will find out soon enough when something hideous comes for one of their own. What lengths will they go to to save their missing friend? Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSContinue Reading

The Sentinels walked into hell, and survived. Firewall, desperate to know how they’d done it, forcefully debriefed them. Now, two weeks have passed since the assault on the Red Devils. Mars, having avoided the fires of revolution and destruction, has settled back into its status quo. It’s up to theContinue Reading

A plane, carrying weary reinforcements for a besieged city, flies in low over Troy. A war council, convened. Apologies and contrition exchanged, and reunions conducted. The clock is running. The war has come. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSContinue Reading

Troy is being infiltrated. Out of the corner of the eyes of those who are touched by the supernatural, quiet men with blank faces are appearing everywhere. The men in black have come to Troy, and they have come to kill. All of the pieces are in place. They areContinue Reading

The supernaturally charged wanderers have found themselves in the middle of a town that wants them dead. Even worse, a group of Zekist Paladins are on the trail of the wanderers. These bloodthirsty inquisitors will stop at nothing to strike down those they see as heretics and monsters. Can thisContinue Reading