Little Fears Session 11 – Death By Chocolate (Part 1)


After surviving the harrowing gauntlet of Polybius, the Apple Court kids have to deal with the aftermath: being grounded.

Grim Grey’s noble effort to claim protection over his town via spray paint was horribly misinterpreted, and now he’s suffering for his art.

The strange occurrences in Apple Court are far from over.

Side Chatter


  1. Claes gets all the love, for a decent reason

  2. OMG! I remember playing Zoombinis! Man, I thought it was an obscure game cause My sisters and I were the only ones who had ever played it that we knew.

  3. And for some reason when Meteo says shes humming Zoombini tunes I keep Imagining her just repeating in a tune like fashion: Hip hip Zoombini! Hip hip Zoombini!

  4. I like chocolate. I like the sweet taste of it. I like the way it can melt in your mouth and how you can make smores out of them. Having a big pool of chocolate on the ground is one thing… but having the kid melt on them while they are holding him…. so now there covered in him…. but he’s chocolate….. and he smells good…. and chocolate….. that’s messed up.

    1. Author

      Oh yeah this scenario is super messed up. Probably among the darkest of the Campfire Tales series.

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