Road Trip Session 24 – Are You There, Witch? (Part 2)

Art by Rob Mansperger.  Used with permission from Ross Payton.

The Road Trip crew survived their cross country drive, and arrived in the horrific state of Kansas. Daniel whipped up a tornado and the crew arrived in Oz. There they discovered an abandoned kingdom, filled with trash and the detritus of a new, modern age.

The cult is attempting to gain control over Oz. The crew has to stop them before it’s too late!



  1. I guess we forgot to lay this out but when Charlie goes back in the van to get his book, he cuts out the inside, shoves one of the small frogs in it and glues it shut.

    If that book could be recovered, there would be claw marks inside. (What do you mean, frogs don’t have nails?)

    1. Author

      I’ve long since come to expect that those frogs have impossible features. Like running cars.

    1. Author

      Oh my god please do.

  2. Didn’t they take the crystal ball with them? Didn’t the big frog swallow it?

    1. Author

      The crystal ball from Sunny Vale? It doesn’t work unless it’s on its pedestal inside the antique store.

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