MaOCT – Pop Music Changes Everything

It’s Friday, and there’s a party going down. The crack quasi-superhero team of weird kids at Argosy High School are absolutely ready to crash the party at Brian Summer’s mansion. There’s going to be terrible high school bands, terrible high school drinking, and lots of regrets.

Of course, stranger things are at work. It’s up to Explosivo, the Cutlery Kid, That One Girl, Space Jam, and Hellsdale to get to the bottom of it.

Side Chatter


  1. really outstanding session. even the guests, real fun and whacky group. kept getting a vibe of a higher power level Mystery Men, especially when it came down to knife puns

    but damn, I play weekly with Travis and knew he was in some of the contributer games, and the even though I could understand him pretty fine, the mic was so bad at first that I couldn’t even tell it was him

  2. Contributor game!
    I wonder if it has the part where I accident;y enter the call? Yes yes its still there, embarrassing that was, and damn I was late. Also thought it was worse then that.
    And still upset I missed this Blake ‘The Nerve Suit’. So now I listen to the fun.
    The return of side-face! Make that side-face at him!!
    I would have eaten that jam
    Do not insult the Smash Mouth.
    Chocolate and Trout don’t forget Jimmy Jam. God that is horrible
    Jimmy Jam sold in stores near you oh god that would be horrible and delicious.
    Brain washing by flashing people awesome. Taste her flesh how did you know?
    Messed yourself with Jam.
    Just put it in your mouth and … Oh god getting Jimmy Jam with her this is horrible
    Jimmy is in love and even the Bee’s know it, so does he eat or mate? Great time the group is having messing with them
    Glove Squish the side-face so the Jimmy Jam goes everywhere
    Still want to eat that Jam, and go on Jam drives with them
    I love that you should have some jam it should help
    Its a Small World after all, yes that is great
    Now this was a great game

  3. Good Lord, should not have listened to this at work, Im sure my fellow workers think Im nuts! Great session to listen to, but my god, so much hilarity.

  4. Love this game! And hope to see more of Travis and Josh in the future. Josh was the MVP for me. Frigging loved EXPLOSIVO!

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