Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 1

Julie Williams had a bad summer. Bomb threats, riots, competition for that charming British boy, and of course that kidnapping.

Things are looking up now, right?

Unfortunately, no. It turns out that her hospitalization and rescue prevented her from enough school that she has been placed in the in-school-suspension program until her work improves. How will she recover from this? Can she still maintain her diva cred? And will she survive being in close quarters with the strange delinquents of Troy High School?


  1. The reserve TIM! Now take your vengeance upon Charlie!
    Put a sandwich in your coat pocket. Is the catfish going to eat it?
    Nate. There is Sassy that was not it
    I met a serial killer once, no mail man was the word
    Bro tentacle!

    1. Hm? What’s sassy, now? I don’t understand the context.

  2. I picture that catfish with a mixture of whiskers and tentacles. And the biggest, dopiest smile ever conceived.

  3. Also, Julie is hopelessly annoying in the best ways. That parting song reference was spot on.

  4. This session was full of laughter! I think my mom thinks I’m insane….. She not wrong…. Just wanted to keep it a secret a while longer. Take your revenge James! Take it! Also was there supposed to be plot to this game or was this first one mearly a set up episode?

    1. Walking to and from work listening to this episode lead to quite a few people wondering why that dude in the hoodie kept laughing for no apparent reason. Damn you, catfiiiiiish!

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