Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 53 – Halloween

It’s late October, and Halloween season is here. Time for costumes, candy, and good old fun times. There’s Trick-or-Treating to be done, and a Who-Can-Get-The-Most-Candy Contest to be had.

Before all that occurs, though, it’s time to get on board the Friendship Guilt train.

Side chatter



  1. Though it probably woulda been impractical and dangerous, I’d half hoped that the monster kids would bring out their monsters to parade around with them while getting candy.

    1. Author

      There was a running joke for a while about Scott just going around with short sleeves. The idea to send the monsters unhidden probably would have crossed our minds if there wasn’t an anti-monster association in town and also if any of our monsters looked remotely human and/or not made of fire and hatred.

      1. Condor could’ve managed it, maybe. Perch on George’s panda suit at a more reasonable size and pretend to be one of those shoulder dragon accessories that show up so often in cosplay photos. Though that might grate at his dignity… and he could accidentally set the suit on fire… which would breed a new form of hilarity as George screamed ‘PANDA’ for altogether different reasons.

  2. Man, sessions like this remind me of why I love Frieda’s so much. The kids can just run loose without any plot, and it’s just as entertaining. So good!

    Also, the talk about a werewolf ninja fighting a panda inspired me to make some fanart. Hope you guys like it.

    1. Ha ha! That looks like a scene out of Virtua Fighter or Bloody Roar or another of those old fighting games.

  3. Nonononono. Here’s what you do: You put the feelings on the rug. You roll the rug up. Finally, you incinerate the rug.

    1. Author

      The feelings rug is the greatest venting platform. You just also need a venting platform to use it or you will breathe in feels ash.

  4. …Is Manny planning on becoming a wizard via 30 years of virginity? Is that going to be a thing?
    Also, PANDA!!!

  5. Oh come on! Nele should of gone as the Terminator! He just watched that movie and felt a connection to him, aaaaaand he can turn his eyes red! Come on!

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