Mrs. Frieda’s Session 48 – The Binding of Blood Rhino

George and Tim stand in front of a secret swimming pool. The fancy (and not so fancy) clothes their friends were wearing are floating in the water. A crazed conspiracy kid is raving about the Underworld.  What’s left to do but jump in?

Below the calm surface waits a portal to an Underworld maze. Its rooms are filled with deadly traps and strange monsters, and the only way out is forward.

Can the kids conquer the maze and escape back to the real world?

A Map of The Watery Maze

Side Chatter



  1. Watery maze = nifty. One of very few Frieda dips into a dungeony setting, and it didn’t drag on horribly like some RPG dungeons. Kudos to Charlie for fast-paced exploratory control – letting the players run amok in town is all well and good, but he did a good job holding the reins. Curtailed excessive horseplay.

    Which, I should add, is one thing I applaud about Frieda’s: a lack of out-of-game banter. It’s inevitable, but some real play groups go WAY too far in their side chatter and jokes and references and stuff. Even when you lot are doing something as mundane as wandering into a movie theatre, you’re still focused on the game. Plus, y’know, when you go out of character, your jokes are actually funny. The side chatter .mp3s for this purpose are a great idea, as well.

    Awkward segue: It’s cool to see Tim legitimately lose it for once. Most of his previous emotional moments (that I can remember, anyway) have been on the goofier side, and despite the occasional dip into serious territory… well. He needed to go emo, is all. Now he is truly part of the team.

    In conclusion, hammers never get old.

  2. Goddammit Charlie, why did you make opening the damn door sound so dirty!
    Damn, Manny’s becoming more and more like his uncle every day. Lookit everyone wantin’ a piece a him. When he busted that bass solo last session, all those girls really did want to be his girlfriend. Also, Caleb.
    Finally, Tim vs Etsu. We must make this catfight happen.

  3. Why did none of the cast call out all the Binding Of Issac things in this episode!!!! There’s soooo many of them! Even in the name! Did they not play the game! Or watch NorthenLion on YouTube!!!! Cause they should of done one of those 2 things!!!! Awesome episode Charlie!!! I’ll stop yelling now!!!!

    1. Author

      At this point in the show Charlie was the only one of us who played Binding of Isaac.

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