Sordid Dystopia – Uncouth Rapscallions

The mercenaries are back in business. Unfortunately, they have no idea what business that might be.  Until they’re plunged directly into it and told to swim.

Will they be uncouth enough rapscallions to rescue the syndicate leader’s girl?

Side Chatter


  • Nate – Agnes Johanna Mikhail.  An athletic (if not a wee bit chubby) teenage girl with a penchant for punching first and asking questions later. Lived in a mining town with her mother until it was shut down, and has now taken up a job as a would-be mercenary in Al Lagosa, alongside her boyfriend, Uso.
  • Zach – Arraveous “Rave” Varren.  A green-haired, suit-wearing, sunglass-sporting, gunslinging mercenary.  Perhaps not as cool as he thinks he is.


  1. Yay! It’s Rave! This was the one session before he got the revolver right?

    1. Author

      I think so? Charlie knows the continuity better than I do.

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