Sordid Dystopia – The Ghosts of Opera

The rag-tag mercenary team (amazingly) gets a new contract. Something needs investigating on Prominence Street, along the entertainment district. Several ‘disappearences’ have occurred in the area, and their client  wishes to know who’s responsible.

Foul play is more than suspected.  Can the mercenaries uncover the kidnapper?

Side Chatter


  • Nate – Agnes Johanna Mikhail.  An athletic (if not a wee bit chubby) teenage girl with a penchant for punching first and asking questions later. Lived in a mining town with her mother until it was shut down, and has now taken up a job as a would-be mercenary in Al Lagosa, alongside her boyfriend, Yuso.
  • Charlie – Yuso Solandar.  A formerly-disgraced samurai hailing from the lands of Cizok.  Aspiring as a painter, and now working as a mercenary.

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  1. Wow! This was such a good session! And there was no fighting at all! It was all talking and investigation. Loved that you don’t need a big boss fight at the end of every game for it feel really good. And I hope we see more of Riot in the future. Maybe she can get her own jobs for the group. They defenitely need a bigger operation if they want this mersonary business to go any where. Maybe a second outpost somewhere?

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