Mrs. Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 29 – After-School Special

The kids have survived their first day of school! Slightly weary, and more than slightly weirded out, they return home, ready for a relaxing afternoon of taking care of business. Nothing can go wrong now.

Minus the fact that August’s been missing for two weeks. They’re not sure how they let that happen. Truancy officers have come to the Halfway House looking for him, and he’s not answering his door.

August, you see, has started down a very strange path. It’s old, so old, and coated in spiderwebs. He’s not sure where it leads, but he knows that somewhere, the Spider Queen is waiting for him. She holds the key to his history, and his family, and the reasons why his body has begun to develop such frightening characteristics.

Side chatter



  1. ahh, August and Sean. how we missed you guys. miss Max too, but that’s a whole other thing in itself (well, everything’s connected, but still…)

    “If anyone’s overcome anorexia, it’s Miss Frieda.”

    and so much recurring thoughts of “dammit, Emma, stop being so wrong all the time!” assume a big messed up pile of being too smart for her own good, thinking she’s smarter than she is, associating being adult with sex and relationships, and the matter of most DMs’ nature to want to prove the best thought-out plans to be wrong

    and when the owl in the park was described as “beautiful, but also really creepy”… that really struck me as describing the entirety of Miss Frieda’s pretty well. maybe a dash more creepy, proportionally

  2. That was a good episode. The last 2 episodes didnt quite feel like Frieda´s but I suspect that has alot to do with all the new parts that were introduced. I am not saying that I think they didnt fit, it was just that it was so much new stuff that it was a bit hard to keep track of.
    Also it was very nice to see August get some scree..speaker…time? It is very much an episode to set things up for the future and as such it doesnt have alot of motion forward but it does promise alot.

  3. Great, now that I’m all caught up, i have to wait for the next session… Curse you Time lapse! Really great session, as per usual. I’m personally rooting for Scott to pull through his Emma trouble, or possibly show George up in Badass-ery to win her for good. God Why is this so addictive to listen to?

  4. I’m pretty sure 90% of the weird background noises are me getting bored, doing random things and forgetting to mute.

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