Sordid Dystopia – The Ship of More Fools

A vessel is making its way across the ocean, filled with a band of intrepid explorers. They have a dinner party with destiny in their future.

This isn’t a game played by the Drunk and Ugly! Ross Payton of Role Playing Public Radio was kind enough to run a playtest of Sordid Dystopia for the RPPR group.

Needless to say, madness ensued. It was fantastic.


  • Tom – Kristoff, a Xexorian pirate and thief.  Constantly stealing everything that isn’t bolted down.
  • Caleb – McShanahan Cumbersnatch, a New-age Naturalist, going to connect political ties with Vontier.  Incredibly lucky.
  • Sara – Clockwork Octavia, a noble Xexorian farmer.
  • Jason – Jean-Claude, a Vontais pirate.
  • Drew – Takashi, a Cizok Aristocrat and Hunter.  Eager to claim land for his proud country.
  • Aaron – Winthrop, a Xexorian miner.  Has dynamite.
  • Thad – Ares, a tribal outlander.  Talks like Clint Eastwood.
  • David – Maximillian McManus, an aristocrat who owns a Menagerie of Monocles.


  1. you guys ran Road Trip for a bunch of sessions, not unfair they try out SD

    and still get mixed up on what continent/empire is which, but I’ll never forget which one is Cizok, specifically because my mind can never forget the way Christian shouts “CIZOC!?” when he’s first meeting the stowaway

  2. Amanda your picture of the Rift King freaks me the fuck out. I can’t quite put my finger on why he just does, maybe his eyes, but that picture is disconcerting.

    Slight Spoilers:

    This AP is the only way I could see the RPPR guys play testing SD with that many PCs: with pure insanity. Ross setting up a Carcossa expy setting, Aaron dying, Tom making hilarious side chatter and stealing everything not nailed down, and of course Ross’ doing crazy-person dialogue. The Rift King felt exactly like he sounds like he should be played, an eviler Sheogorath.

    A great ending to a hilarious week of April Fools APs.

  3. i thought of this idea the other night — the rppr crew ‘renting’ themselves out to various podcasts to pump up their audience ratings?

    or just imagine in your gaming group being able to rent someone like Thad or Caleb for a session? instant energy :3

    just some musings

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