Sordid Dystopia – The Not-So-Great Train Robbery

We return to New Xexoria, where Agnes Mikhail has become a mercenary, working alongside the notorious Rave Varren and his infamous hairdo.

The mercenary company operates out of the port town of Al Lagosa, and has been operating on hard times. Things are, unfortunately, quiet in Al Lagosa these days. So when a guard job for the first passenger train ride since the collapse of the Old World comes up, the mercenaries snap it up.

Their journey will take them careening across the country, into the heart of danger and adventure.


  • Nate – Agnes Johanna Mikhail.An athletic (if not a wee bit chubby) teenage girl with a penchant for punching first and asking questions later. Lived in a mining town with her mother until it was shut down, and has now taken up a job as a would-be mercenary in Al Lagosa, alongside her boyfriend, Uso.
  • Zach – Arraveous “Rave” Varren. A green-haired, suit-wearing, sunglass-sporting, gunslinging mercenary.  Perhaps not as cool as he thinks he is.


  1. Train of thought: “Oh right! Friday updates. Aww, was hoping for more Monsters. Missing Road Trip. …man, Frogs of War was hilarious. Downloading that one again.”

  2. Come for the western, stay to listen to Nate and I interrupt Charlie trying to get the plot going to bicker in character.

  3. That was fun. I like the western setting. I kinda wonder what would have happened if Rave hadn’t fired his gun. The Zach/Nate team-ups seem to have a reoccurring tactic: Nate’s character provides the muscle (Kagako in Gaming Does and “Iron Fist” Agnes in this) while Zach plays the persuasive/talkative guy who can fight when necessary.

    Also I really like the uncanny luck field of Rave. I’ve been interested in how that would be implemented in the games since I read it.

    Speaking of Rave when I read the description of the character I got the mental image of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop for some reason. But as game went on and he got more funny and more lucky he slowly morphed from Spike to Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

  4. I have a feeling this episode would be ALOT shorter if not for Zach and Nate´s banter and all that. It was alot of fun listening to though and it filled in questions from the hospital game. Poor Charlie didnt get a word in at times.

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