A group of unlikely heroes comes upon a tip of a base from a former henchman of Chromebeard the Pirate.  The base is revealed to be his submarine craft, The Bermuda Pyramid, which went silent 3 years before Ragnarok. In recent months, the Pyramid has begun to make new sounds of life, indicating that it may be more functional than previously thought.  What could possibly go wrong?

Check out Boiling Point on Kickstarter!

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It’s Monsters Friday again, bringing you an oldie from the early days of The Drunk and the Ugly, through a ransom event with RPPR’s own Ross Payton.  It through these games that we ended up bringing in Sam and Charlie eventually.

In this adventure, following their victory over the Ur-Monster in the summer road trip, the daring Jimmy McPherson and Roy Ackerman receive an invitation to visit Cal Novelties, a wonderful toy factory whose owner has just passed and named them the successors to his toy throne, allowing them to become testers and designers.

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A vessel is making its way across the ocean, filled with a band of intrepid explorers. They have a dinner party with destiny in their future.

This isn’t a game played by the Drunk and Ugly! Ross Payton of Role Playing Public Radio was kind enough to run a playtest of Sordid Dystopia for the RPPR group.

Needless to say, madness ensued. It was fantastic.

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Hello there, internet!  We have much news for you.  Much news indeed.  Fabulous tales of a swords, eternally retold.  Err. . . wait.  Let’s start this over.

Yo wazzup world?!  This is News Bird.  I am a bird and I also do the news.  Let’s see what we got for you today:

News Bird wants to let you know that we totally got into this Facebook thing and made a group there for all of you to use.

There was this Sordid Dystopia thing?  Yeah, you guys rock.  433% funding is totally the bomb-diggity in News Bird’s book.  You dudes are the most awesome and totes we are giving you stuff for it.  Some things have already been sent out:

  • Preview Regular APs
  • Text RPs
  • The Persona-based MaOCT campaign, which is not done on account of how long it takes to edit.  There will be 6 episodes in there and you will be told when a new one is posted, so STAY TUNED
Also talk of contributor games.  We have asked everyone in that bracket and have only gotten 4 responses out of 7 so far.  We will send more updates as we keep going.  Games again are
  • Sam – Call of Cthulu – Grad students checking out a strange trend in the South Carolina Marshes.
  • Nate – Little Fears Nightmare Edition – Set in Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home.  The characters will be kids between the ages of 6 and 12 and do things that will be canon to the universe.
  • Matt – Monsters and Other Childish Things – All I can say is that it heavily involves pop music.
  • Charlie – Sordid Dystopia – A game based on a LeJeune’s Home adventure we played.  Humans are exploring an uncharted island only to find that wacky adventures await.
News Bird is also happy to let you know that we found our April Fools game for the year.  And it is amazing.

Stay tuned as we answer your questions, including a very special Question and Answer session wherein we bug a published author with our inane rambling.

Recently, members of the Drunk and Ugly (joined by RPPR listener Patrick) got to play a game of Road Trip run by Ross Payton himself, as part of their Killsplosion Kickstarter!

Welcome to Sunny Vale, a beautiful city that finds itself in the grips of constant monster attacks. The only thing standing in the way of Sunny Vale’s total destruction are the Sentai Rangers – martial artists and ninjas with a fondness for brightly colored outfits.

Sunny Vale’s protectors are not all they seem, however – secrets hide behind the masks of the Sentai Rangers, secrets that must be uncovered at any cost.

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