MaOCT – Sunny Vale with Ross Payton

Recently, members of the Drunk and Ugly (joined by RPPR listener Patrick) got to play a game of Road Trip run by Ross Payton himself, as part of their Killsplosion Kickstarter!

Welcome to Sunny Vale, a beautiful city that finds itself in the grips of constant monster attacks. The only thing standing in the way of Sunny Vale’s total destruction are the Sentai Rangers – martial artists and ninjas with a fondness for brightly colored outfits.

Sunny Vale’s protectors are not all they seem, however – secrets hide behind the masks of the Sentai Rangers, secrets that must be uncovered at any cost.


  • Patrick – Tommy Mezlowski.  A quiet kid who likes to act out.
  • Sam – Flytrap Joe. Tommy’s monster, a giant fractal flytrap with infinite heads.
  • Charlie  – Ralph “Dog” Jones.  A street-smart homeless kid who doesn’t like people to know his secret
  • Matt – Mister Whispers.  Dog’s monster, a giant swarm of rats that wants to know ALL THE SECRETS.


  1. Wow! This is pretty awesome. Ross and DnU together is just amazing.

  2. This was a fun game to run for all you guys! I clearly need to run more games over Skype 😀

  3. That was great! Ross did a great job as GM. The crystal ball was my favorite NPC. Like you guys mentioned, it seems like every time I hear about someone running Sunny Vale the situation deteriorates into an Itchy and Scratchy level the most violent shenanigans.

    Of special not is Ross’ blurb about the bonding of kids with their monsters and vice versa . That was a really awesome lore/roleplay idea. I’m totally stealing that idea for a future game. Do you guys have any plans to play a game where kids go through the bonding process as Ross described?

    1. Author

      Not as of the moment, although I’m sure Nayt’ll find a way to turn it into a psychological horror game. (Nayt you should do this.)

      1. Psych horror where you bond with a horrible aberration from beyond the measurable depths of the universe? Whelp, I’m down. Give me some time and I’ll have it written up. Between Sordid Dystopia, life, my actual job, and the sometimes nightly games we play, though, I only have so much time to work with. Might be awhile, but I still like the idea, so I’ll try to write something for it one of these days.

  4. Q:How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  5. “This went to a weird place fast…”

    This was an awesome introduction to both MaOCT and the Drunk & Ugly podcast. I’m already adding you guy’s to my list of podcasts.


  6. That ending was brilliant. Definitely going to start listening to you guys.

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