Base Raiders – Boiling Point Playtest


A group of unlikely heroes comes upon a tip of a base from a former henchman of Chromebeard the Pirate.  The base is revealed to be his submarine craft, The Bermuda Pyramid, which went silent 3 years before Ragnarok. In recent months, the Pyramid has begun to make new sounds of life, indicating that it may be more functional than previously thought.  What could possibly go wrong?

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Side Chatter


  • Matt – The Raven
  • Nate – Supernova
  • Josh – Brightlord Vitus Trustworthy
  • James – Iconoclast
  • Zach – Knight Errant


    1. Author

      goddammit ross

  1. Oh, Sparkles. Sparkles. Hearing someone meet Sparkles for the first time is always an experience of pure delight. Can’t wait to run Base Raiders and have him show up.

  2. I’m kind of sad there wasn’t a raider named “Business Mantis.”

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