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Fiasco! – News Channel Six


Action News Six is at the back of the local news pack, and it’s time for some desperate measures to bring them up into the fore. Can the misfit reporters and news team succeed and find fame and success? Or will they crumble into a bevy of hilarious infighting and constant sexual trysts?

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Nemesis – Receiver


It’s 9am on a Monday, and the employees at 303 East Wacker are walking around in a sleep deprived fugue. Their morning routines are bizarrely turned on their heads; their co-workers are strange and confused.

The mysterious fugue that has settled over 303 East Wacker is just the beginning. Four employees are going to be plunged into a fight for their very lives.

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Call of Cthulhu – Revelations


1938: Toil, Illinois. A peaceful town that has weathered the hells of the Great Depression on the backs of its hard-working inhabitants and their soybean crop. Toil is a good town, a righteous town, a place for good people to live and grow.

But Toil holds claim to a desperate secret. And now that secret is about to be unleashed.

Revelations is a product of Hebanon Games, and can be found here.

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In the beginning, there was nothing. Then came forth a veritable array of drunk and ugly gods. What will they do, given unlimited power and ability? Will there be strife between them? Can they build a verdant and peaceful universe?

Pantheon is a GMless game developed by Robin Laws and uses a unique narrative cage match system.

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Prominence, SC – Clockwork Solo – Loose Cogs


Clockwork’s been out of town for a while. Fortunately, everything is just as he left it: screwed up. It’s time for the swashbuckling, over the top, exploding member of the Spirits of Prominence to set a few things straight.

Someone is smuggling things in and out of the city. Illegal things. It’s up to Clockwork to stop them.

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