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Call of Cthulhu – Revelations


1938: Toil, Illinois. A peaceful town that has weathered the hells of the Great Depression on the backs of its hard-working inhabitants and their soybean crop. Toil is a good town, a righteous town, a place for good people to live and grow.

But Toil holds claim to a desperate secret. And now that secret is about to be unleashed.

Revelations is a product of Hebanon Games, and can be found here.

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In the beginning, there was nothing. Then came forth a veritable array of drunk and ugly gods. What will they do, given unlimited power and ability? Will there be strife between them? Can they build a verdant and peaceful universe?

Pantheon is a GMless game developed by Robin Laws and uses a unique narrative cage match system.

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Prominence, SC – Clockwork Solo – Loose Cogs


Clockwork’s been out of town for a while. Fortunately, everything is just as he left it: screwed up. It’s time for the swashbuckling, over the top, exploding member of the Spirits of Prominence to set a few things straight.

Someone is smuggling things in and out of the city. Illegal things. It’s up to Clockwork to stop them.

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Monsters and Other Childish Things – The Travelling Bazaar


It is May in New Orleans, and there has not been a drop of rain in weeks. Three young kids, suffering in the dry heat of the hottest spring around, are trying to find something to distract themselves. First task: acquiring ice cream.

These three kids will soon find themselves tossed into an adventure that will rival anything else they’ve ever seen. After all, the strange and twisting caverns of the Devil’s Bazaar are only one tendril of the market for the bizarre.

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Little Fears – Ichor Falls Part 2


The first month of middle school in Ichor Falls, 1986, began calmly, with a trip to the Rand Historical Society Museum. For the local kids, it was just one more inundation of the town’s boring history. For four students, newly moved into the town, it was the beginning of something they will be forever unable to explain.

The students found and read a book of local stories, some of which seemed to possess supernatural powers. The story of The Stitched Man brought forth a nightmare into the bedroom of Thomasine Goode. Some dark, malevolent thing has turned its eyes upon the newcomers, and it wants them for its own.

Can the four friends survive the darkness that Ichor Falls brings to bear?

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