Call of Cthulhu – Revelations


1938: Toil, Illinois. A peaceful town that has weathered the hells of the Great Depression on the backs of its hard-working inhabitants and their soybean crop. Toil is a good town, a righteous town, a place for good people to live and grow.

But Toil holds claim to a desperate secret. And now that secret is about to be unleashed.

Revelations is a product of Hebanon Games, and can be found here.

Side Chatter


  • Josh – Francis Pines.  High school football star who attempted to go pro and joined the Toil City police force when it didn’t work out.
  • Matt – Bill Hawkins.  Beat cop who just joined the force, hoping that his college education might pay off.
  • Nate – Jens Sebastien Wulf. A German immigrant who came to the states to escape post war Germany and eventually moved to a super-cheap part of Illinois.  Eventually rose to the rank of detective in the Toil City PD


  1. I love how when Officer Pine went all Logorrhea he started sounding like John Pinto from the first Little Fears games you guys posted “Camp LeFey” ( at the very least that’s the first thing I thought of when he started it, and I’m sure that only I thought this… still, good times) Love this session. I need to run this for my group!

    Also is there an irony that it was Officer PINE and John PINTO that have a similar speech impediment? Even if it is all coincidental?

    1. Author

      You know, John Pinto came to mind, but pines very quickly became more Barney Fife than anything else.

      1. oh good, I wasn’t the only one who started hearing some Don Knottz in there

        1. Author

          I think any game set in the thirties or forties with cops needs at least one.

  2. Also, when ever someone was about to enter a room after hearing crying, in my head, I kept hear Sam or Matt say “Your disturbed the which, you are torn apart.” XD

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