Fiasco! – News Channel Six


Action News Six is at the back of the local news pack, and it’s time for some desperate measures to bring them up into the fore. Can the misfit reporters and news team succeed and find fame and success? Or will they crumble into a bevy of hilarious infighting and constant sexual trysts?


  • Nate
  • Mand
  • Zach
  • Hannah
  • Charlie


  1. I’m from GA. I have something nice to say about it: The beach and the mountains are only 8 hours drive away from each other

  2. oh by the way, this was a great session. very fun to listen to. Was this the first time that everyone was in the same place together?

    1. Author

      Not the first time members of the podcast met up, but the first time that Charlie and Hannah have met the others in-person.

    2. I’d been to Nate and Manda’s once before (we’ve been friends for many years now) but it was my first time meeting Charlie and Hannah, the latter of whom carpooled with me for most of the drive.

      That she didn’t kill me is probably a small miracle.

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