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1000 Blank White Cards


In August of 2013, Drunk and Ugly Headquarters was taken over by a fervent desire. We required additional pylons. Once built, we got pretty drunk and we played a pretty silly game.

1000 Blank White Cards is a feast of entertainment for the discerning adult. It features cards made up on the spot, with hilarious rules, hellaciously terrible drawings, and is, in the end, always rigged.

Score Sheet


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Engine Heart – In Transit

On a long road across America, a motley crew of apocalypse surviving robots are searching for the last remaining settlement of humans.

Their journey is tipped upside down upon the discovery of a set of tire tracks outside of an abandoned town.

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Specific Crim: Pacific Rim


The Kaiju threat to the Pacific Rim was thought to be contained – until a new rift opens, and a new generation of un-bloodied Jaeger teams have to charge into the fray and defend the world.

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Fiasco! – News Channel Six


Action News Six is at the back of the local news pack, and it’s time for some desperate measures to bring them up into the fore. Can the misfit reporters and news team succeed and find fame and success? Or will they crumble into a bevy of hilarious infighting and constant sexual trysts?

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Nemesis – Receiver


It’s 9am on a Monday, and the employees at 303 East Wacker are walking around in a sleep deprived fugue. Their morning routines are bizarrely turned on their heads; their co-workers are strange and confused.

The mysterious fugue that has settled over 303 East Wacker is just the beginning. Four employees are going to be plunged into a fight for their very lives.

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