Little Fears – The Longest Night of Your Life


Christmas is a magical time of anticipation and wonder for children around the world. The night before Christmas is all too long and the night after so short. Some children love Christmas so much, they want it to never end.

What is it about this time of year that entrances so many people? Is there a magic inherent to the season or is it really just the collective will of countless believers pooling their want into a single night?

With so many children putting so much effort into a single wish, surely it can’t go unanswered forever. There must be a tipping point, the snowflake that causes the avalanche. For most, like so many childhood dreams, the wish goes unfulfilled. For one little boy though, that wish seems have come true. He must be the luckiest kid in the world, right?


  • Manda – Gwen Martin.  A tiny, blond, 9-year-old girl who recently lost her two front teeth. Her mommy who works at the zoo and teaches her everything about animals.  She keeps a stuffed lion named Mace with her at all times because her mommy said that mace kept her safe in her college days.
  • Matt – Sophie Little.  A 11-year-old girl who has long black hair with purple streaks in it.  She does all of her shopping at Immortal Fashions and buys all of her clothes from there.  Her favorite clothing item is her Edward Cullen t-shirt, which is inseparable from.  Not quite as inseparable as from her boyfriend Clyde, though.
  • Nate – Clyde Campbell.  An athletic 12-year boy with messy black hair that can’t be tamed.  That is, if he cared enough to try and tame it.  Clyde could be defined as a “proto-bro” or “bro magnon.”  A bro in its infancy, as it were, destined for great bro-ness.


  1. I was so happy for these characters coming back for a game. These poor, already traumatized characters.

  2. This game was awesome.
    Yeah its a sad one, when you actually read through it and look at it.
    It’s also great cause you can lose so many ways just by doing what PC’s do

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