It’s another Wednesday, and Keith continues to be in an un-abducted state. Whatever force is kidnapping kids, it seems to be biding its time.

Keith has some important news, and of course everyone else is more worried about relationship drama.

But things are starting to come down to the wire, here. Can the delinquents solve the mystery before they’re swept away by it?

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After a harrowing pizza party and bus adventure home, it’s time for the weekend. Forecast for juvenile delinquents: slacking, with a side of shopping. Julie’s on the hunt for new contacts, Yuji has relationship troubles, Fenix is bumming around, and Keith is well…Keith.

Everything’s as status quo as it’s going to be.  For now…

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The juvenile delinquency adventures continue, with the high schoolers having survived their exploration into a realm of terror.  It’s time to start dealing with all of the fallout from their decisions.

For Yuji, it’s step one: Apologize, step two: don’t knock your girlfriend’s house down. Simple enough.

For the rest of the gang, untangling what’s happening to them isn’t going to be as easy.

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The kids stuck in ISS have managed to weather the gymnasium full of shenanigans, and are on the trail of a sudden, mysterious scream. A black tar has filled the hall, and Fenix and Yuji are tearing after it. Keith and Julie are trying to calm down Alicia, who’s having some kind of fit.

It appears someone is trapped, stuck in what ever place the tar is seeping from. Alicia is able to sense them, and it’s up to the Troy High School delinquents to stage a daring rescue.

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First day of ISS down. Next step: scramble back up the popularity ladder and get out of the lowest dregs of High School society: her fellow classmates. She focuses her all into the topic of mascara and “guy-liner”, hoping greatly to find someone who appreciates her superior taste in fashion and accessories.

Will her efforts to win the ISS crew over be a smashing success, or will shenanigans get in the way once more?

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