Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 10

Everything’s gone to hell. Yuji’s headed to the basement, alone. The rest of the kids are scrambling to solve their problems.

The strange events rooted under the High School are barreling to a climax. Fenix, Julie, Yuji, and Keith have to stop Sid Florence and survive the basement before it’s too late.

Side Chatter


  1. It’s surprising how well-developed and knitted this group of characters has become after only ten sessions. The whole story-telling bit seemed perfectly natural.

    Also, boss battle. Damn right. I really wanna see how Siva is weird.

    1. Dangit. This is what I get for not listening to the ABSOLUTE END before I comment. Oh Siva.

  2. I like how James jumped in the call in the middle of play and changed what was happening at the time with his own antics.

    1. Author

      That’s how Namazu be

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