Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 8

November has begun. With it, the only leads our protagonists are left with is a vague association of the strange events to the ubiquitous MegaCorp. It’s time to start taking drastic measures: raiding the janitor’s closet for clues.

Time is running out to solve this mystery, and the weight of several people’s lives is falling upon the shoulders of the high schoolers trapped in ISS.

Side Chatter


  1. Good session. Question: when was this recorded in relation to the Frieda school sessions? Was it around the same time? I thought nothing of the Fightin’ Minotaurs when I was listening to the games at the time, other than it being a silly-ass name for a football team. If ISS came much later, you certainly had things set up well in advance, to which I give judos. That was meant to be ‘kudos’, but I liked the way judos sounded so much that I left it in.

    1. Author

      This was recorded after the end of the second season of Frieda’s for sure. Some session deep in season three happened around the same time, I think. You’ll be able to tell because the early incarnations of these characters show up in it.

  2. “Hey, where’s Thoth? He still owes me seven bucks!”

  3. I don’t know why Jared needed to stay. I know he wanted to stay with the girl because he doesn’t want to leave her alone, and haveing a bunch of people stay would of attracted the big bad, but my real question is why HE had to stay with her. He doesn’t seem to have any special power to him besides being really really really really really really really super nice, and overprotective to the people he decides need protection. Couldn’t someone more useful or powerful or with a god that can cause earthquakes stay with her instead. Seems like he would be a better fit then Jared.

    Also thank god someone suggested she learn sign language!! It was killing me that no one was saying anything about her weakness of being almost compleatly useless without the book. Well I guess she does gave the power to make people forget her, but still, pretty big problem if you ask me. Also I just thought of the fact that her book is extremely similar to the one in that Sordid Dystopia session a while back.

    And lastly… HOLY SHIT! That guy was huge! That scene with its eye and the door really freaked me out! God job deterring them from fighting it, cause they would have died. Although Yuji still thinks he could take it for some reason.

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