Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 9

Part of the labyrinth has been conquered. Jared and Rebecca were rescued, and Brittney was coerced out, before the monster haunting the labyrinth drove them out.

It’s investigation time again. A strange stalker has been contacting Julie online, and Sid Florence is suspicious.

But in the meantime it’s started snowing, and school has been canceled. A November trip is in Julie’s immediate future: can the gang hold things together in her absence?

Side Chatter


  1. I was beginning to wonder if their teacher might be Bookkeeper as I was listening. Having gone through the whole thing, though… eh… guess not. A shame – he almost seems like an unofficial part of the team.

  2. I don’t know why I can’t stay in Fenix’s voice to save my life.

  3. I have an hour left in the session to listen to but god damn it I will never find the adequate words to proclaim my love for Namazou.

  4. The description written down tricked me! I thought they all got out.

    1. Wait! What other character of Zach’s is the bookkeeper.

  5. ‘Oh. Taking out the trash is a euphemism for beating people up.’

    1. Author

      You can never be angry with Namazu.

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