Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Finale

Photo Credit to Sheila Tostes

The minotaur in the labyrinth looms above our heroes. Its roar is still echoing.

Down in the deep, a battle is beginning that will decide the fate of all of Troy. Can this unlikely band of juvenile delinquents survive and triumph, before all is lost? Find out in the thrilling conclusion of Monster ISS!


  1. Woot! Glad I finally got to listen to this. Excellent finale. I’m glad that wound up being a happy ending – it could easily have gone the bittersweet route. Or, hell, the everyone’s-eaten-by-the-minotaur-whoops! route, which would’ve… been… something…

    Really hope we get to see this lot again. I like them just as much as the Frieda’s group. Time for a crossover adventure?

  2. Mr. Ceivas Half-Way Home for Temporally Displaced Children? sorry if I got his name wrong. But yeah, thats what I think this new game should be called if it ever comes to be. XD

  3. I have to stop commenting during the listening of games. lol, that epilogue was awesome but effectively quelled the idea of a half-way home for temporally displaced children game… or does it?

    1. Author

      No game idea is ever quelled, so long as we believe.

  4. Happy Birthday Matt!! 🙂 Also what party was the one were they got drunk at?

    1. Author

      Thanks for the belated birthday greetings!

      I think that’s a reference to a late-game episode of Friedas.

  5. Ah man, this was a great little campaign. I think I have to agree with some of the players that the investigation segments occasionally ended up being a bit ‘roll to advance plot’-ish which stalled things a bit, but aside from that it was a bloody excellent ride.

    Now, back to Freida’s.

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