Legend of the Five Rings – Writ of Justice (Part 2)

The magistrates have managed the rescue of the young Otomo and broken up a local poppy operation.  However justice calls, and they now head to the small town of Battle’s Respite, greeted by large plumes of smoke.  Just another day in the life.


  • Josh: Shosuro Shizuko, an upstanding Scorpion Bushi who is in no way a ninja or ninja-like entity. Honest. Distrusted even by other Scorpion due to the disloyalty of an ancestor, She makes masks as a hobby when she’s not skulking through the shadows.
  • James: Kitsuki Noboyuki, a Dragon magistrate who is a student of the Kitsuki Method, which claims that weird stuff like evidence collection and observation should be used to determine the guilt of a suspected criminal, rather than just believing the word of the highest-ranking samurai present. A prodigy at investigation and a skilled orator besides, he’s physically and spiritually weakened by an old wound.
  • Kevin: Isawa Daiki is an Ishi-ken of the Phoenix clan, one of the rare shugenja that can access the powers of the Void between all things alongside the elements and spirits. A skilled fortune-teller himself, attempts by others to discern his fate tell of a great destiny involving the mysterious Void Dragon.
  • Max: Tsuruchi Yui, a skilled archer born into the Mantis Clan, who tracks criminals and enemies of the Empire with the help her trained hunting hawk, and is an adherent to the Wasp Code, a variation on the Bushido code of conduct the others follow

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