Trail of Cthulhu – Dinner with Susan

Being friends with minor celebrities has its upside. Tonight, Susan Ambridge is hosting a dinner party to celebrate her new publication and its impending success.

But for Janella Randolph and Dr. Weiss, the evening holds much more than small talk and mild entertainment…

Download the Scenario Here!

Character Generation

Side Chatter


  • Charlie – Janella Randolph.  True crime author of very limited success due to her fascination with Charles Manson.
  • Axe – Dr. Christopher Weiss.  Clinical Psychiatrist.


  1. On this episode, don’t listen to the myth. If you suspect someone is missing for a legitimate reason don’t wait 24 or 48 hours to call 911. If the person is injured or kidnapped or other horrible situation time is off the essence.

    The more you know…

    1. Well you beat me to that man, so good job on that it is a very important thing and something people should know because of how much a pervasive rumor it actually is.

  2. Can I just say that I particularly love these sorts of games? It’s one thing to play an action hero who can fight the monsters but it’s always something to be a situation where you’re just an average joe in a clearly fucked up situation and having to do your best to make sense of it while avoiding being killed or worst by whatever is going on.

    1. I am glad to hear this! I have a few save up ideas from Grad School that are geared more towards this style of game/setting/theme. This was partially a test to see how the listeners would respond these types of scenarios.

      1. I can definitely say if I ever had a chance to play Trails I certainly would as it sounds simple enough you could rope in even normies (reee!!) into playing which would be great because like you said, if they typically know anything about the mythos in general it kinda spoils the whole build up in a lot of cases

  3. I really dug this game. just took me a while to finish because most parts of it were not something I could listen to while eating

  4. Hullo!

    I’ve just found this page, and I listened to the recording yesterday. It was great fun to hear my adventure being played, and I loved the ways that you changed and expanded on the original. I wrote it over a decade ago when I was a different, and weaker, writer, and I think I like your version more. 😉

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