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Trail of Cthulhu – Dinner with Susan

Being friends with minor celebrities has its upside. Tonight, Susan Ambridge is hosting a dinner party to celebrate her new publication and its impending success.

But for Janella Randolph and Dr. Weiss, the evening holds much more than small talk and mild entertainment…

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Monsters and Other Childish Things – Where Did the Colors Go?

Being a kid is hard. Being a kid who faces down horrors from beyond time and space? Actually just a little harder.

(This game is a test to try and put lfne mechanics into maoct. Let us know what you think!)

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Little Fears – Camp Quartz Lake


Camp Quartz Lake is home to some weird and quirky folks. The kids who come here for their camp experience are sure to get an odd one.

It’s halfway through the first session, and things are getting spooky as all get out.

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Ashton City Heroes Ep 15 – Shopping With Song


Metra Crowell is a strange, strange girl. For the beaten and bruised Ashton City Heroes, she presents a perfect mystery to be solved in their down time. And when new problems crop up in the High School, she might be the only one who can help the most.

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Ashton City Heroes Ep 7 – In the Name of the Sun (Part 2)


The masked villian posing as a Magical Girl is on the prowl for a big score. The anime club’s event is kicking off and the young Ashton City heroes are called upon to serve as security. Can they maintain their secret identities, enjoy the party, and save the day all at the same time?

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