Monster Hearts – Camp Rosewater Episode 1

Camp Rosewater is a place of deep history and connection to the world. Nearby Lake Rosewater is sprawling and gorgeous. The military fort ruins date back to the early days of America. The Indian burial ground and car graveyards are particularly scenic.

It’s the second day of summer camp and this year’s campers are still getting used to the place.


  • Nate – Maria Futura. Robot Girl.
  • Charlie – Barbara Ludo. Newly Social.
  • Max – Penelope.  Invisible girl who is angry at everyone.
  • Josh – Diogenes “Dio” Brandeaux.  Dragon.  Slept under a mountain.
  • Zach – Alison Kaiser. The chosen. Marked by the supernatural.
  • Hannah – Nicodemus “Nachos” Nakor. Cursed by a witch.  Muscle for Dio.
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  1. Omega
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  2. Posted May 15, 2016 at 10:59 pm | Permalink

    Interesting and humorous start, getting to know the characters and camp environment is a nice well treaded setup. Looking forward to see where it goes. Nate’s robot girl description close to the end of this: “She’d almost pass for a very effeminate boy…” now has me thinking that she’s looks like Hiroyuki Takei’s “Ultimo” in my mind’s eye, which seems appropriate given this games other anime related themes. Looking at you… Dio Brando. XD

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