Trail of C’thulhu – The Wives of March (Part 3)


Patricia Callary and Demetrius Briggs went into the belly of the beast and there learned some disturbing truths about the March family. But the worst is beyond their imagining, and is bearing down on all three investigators.


  • Matt – Ken “Legs” Shelby.  Private investigator and former muscle for the bootlegger Papa Two Peps.  With the roaring twenties in the past and not many prospects open, Shelby has a jaded view of the world and doesn’t care what it takes to return to those days of glory.
  • Manda – Patricia Callary.  Journalist from North Carolina who is on the story of one Dashell March.
  • Josh – Demetrius Briggs. Owner of a rare books and antiquities shop.  Trying to help out the poor community with his current excess of wealth in these trying times.


  1. But then what was the deal with Atticus Wambles? If the Him reproducing could only ever produce Hers, was Wambles not actually His child? Was that a slip-up with the writing in the scenario?

    1. Author

      Wambles is the son of a miner that his mother had an affair with! He died before they got married, and she told Wambles that he was March’s son.

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