Monsters and Other Childish Things – The Travelling Bazaar


It is May in New Orleans, and there has not been a drop of rain in weeks. Three young kids, suffering in the dry heat of the hottest spring around, are trying to find something to distract themselves. First task: acquiring ice cream.

These three kids will soon find themselves tossed into an adventure that will rival anything else they’ve ever seen. After all, the strange and twisting caverns of the Devil’s Bazaar are only one tendril of the market for the bizarre.

Side chatter


  • Manda: Sunny Wolfe, the younger brother of Danny Wolfe. Sunny was kidnapped by a giant snake and taken to the Devil’s Bazaar. Wears tough-looking clothing, because he’s a thug. His best friend is a Werewolf named Ruby, played by Josh, who is all about the counter-culture.
  • Nate: Skyler Vernon, a 6th grade girl who is more cunningly devious than she appears. She was once the coolest kid in school, but now is trying to climb back to that title. Her best friend, Laser Wolf Turbo, played by Matt, came out of a video game cartridge and is a crazy sci-fi jet plane.
  • Charlie: Karen Cross, a tall and gangly young girl. She is a bit awkward, and is laboring under the horrifying ordeal of braces and popularity seeking. She has the strange ability to fly.


  1. I’m less than two minutes into the podcast, yet when I heard that Hannah would be GMing I let out a little ‘Ooo!’ sound. I’ve already decided that this will be good, apparently.

    1. Author

      Hannah has that effect on people.

  2. HA. I thought of Lazar Wolf the second that name came up in the game. I saw Fiddler on stage not that long ago, and every time he showed up on stage I pictured him with fur and beam cannons. Iiiiiiiif I were a rich man, yaba dabba dibba dabba dibba dabba dee…

    Good game. Lots of fun. The four-armed merchant was probably my favourite NPC. Though if you were to count Namazu’s cameo as NPCish… well… there’s never any contest when Namazu is involved.

  3. Listening to this again, can I make a request for a Namazu-centric game? I die from laughter every time I hear Namazu! Also, as for the game itself, this doesn’t stop being entertaining to listen to after the first, second or third listen. I applaud you Hannah and gang.

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