Complete Bull$#!@ – Crossover Megamix!


In the REALM OF LIGHT AND SHADOW, a universe that is just next door to our own, a great conflict is overflowing. The GREAT EMPEROR GUNCAT, beloved ruler of all the land, has been stricken by a curse.

His GREAT MEOW has been stolen by the insidious forces of the FELINE SHADOW, a terrible and evil creature who has ripped open the door between universes, and will stop at nothing to destroy everything he can touch.

The GREAT EMPEROR GUNCAT has called together a force of ULTIMATE WARRIORS from beyond his own realm to save his kingdom.

Their skills are DIVERSE. Their motivations, STRANGE. Their dispensations, WACKY AT BEST.

Their methods:

Completely Bull$#!@.


  • Alex – Bloodraven Zweihander.  A medieval assassin trained in the ways of the Rube Goldberg killing style.
  • Charlie – Carl “The Catman” Persons.  Shirtless, wearing a cape, indigo jeans, and an indigo baseball cap with cat ears.  Never without his Onix
  • James – Dr. Victor Greenwell.  A child psychologist of questionable Cajun standing and a more questionable Honda.
  • Manda – Matsu Bajie.  A jovial pig woman; once a respected general in the Lion clan, now a hedonistic exile and amateur comedian.
  • Matt – Jim Harrison / Unit-6.  A fairly nondescript pilot who is bewildered by everything since the government told him to fight aliens.
  • Nate – Daniel Kerington.  Tall, lean, and well-muscled for his age. Daniel is actually about as strong as a mid-twenty something in fairly good shape, which most certainly defies what most expect from a fourteen or fifteen year old boy.
  • Zach – Eldridge Tsukimono.  An unassuming, responsible, and serious kid.  Shy around girls, but keeps around a very feisty one at all times.

Side Chatter



  1. Look into the eyes of the Gatling Gun. The haunting, transfixing eyes of a Guncat.

  2. 30 minutes in and laughing my ass off – just like the players. “I haven’t ridden the rock monster in 25 years!”

    1. Author

      James is nothing but amazing lines this entire game. And every other time.

  3. Also where’s this Evangeion game? I don’t recall it?

    1. It is something we’ve done, but haven’t posted.

    2. Author

      It’s why we put off posting this game for a long time. Then I realized Alex was playing a character who would never be on the site because Bloodraven Zweihander was from a fiasco game that got corrupted.

  4. Wow. This was the most META thing I have ever listened to, ever.

    Also it was so funny, It made my entire head sore with how hard I was grinning.

  5. it was all I imagined, shy of a Helms Deep defense style scene. and things got downright Steven King at the end there…

    and what was that about the screaming birthday robot James played? what video was he supposed to be from?

  6. Another thing that puzzled me is where else has Eld appeared to make him pissed at Nate? lol That whole part by the way made me really happy that the creator encounters his creations, love that meta stuff. But yeah aside from Agriculture Quest, is Eld in any other games?

    1. Author

      This is an inside joke between Nate and Zach, really. Eld in MaOCT is based on a character of the same name from Nate’s Dystopia roleplay forum (which Zach makes mention of earlier in the game with Eld’s last use of “Break the Fourth Wall,” wherein he says he is doing this to give Eld all of his Dystopia powers). They did a lot of strange roleplays there and I guess things often didn’t work out well for Eld.

      1. Eldridge Tsukimono has a miserable life and it’s mostly Nate’s fault. That’s all that’s really important.

  7. “Let these people go to sleep”? What is this sleep you speak of?

  8. Daniel Kerington kind of faded out there in the middle…. but this is a hilarious game!!!! Now that you got a couple more years of content under your belt, do you feel like doing one of these again?

    1. Author

      There’s always a chance for another one with new characters. It just depends on enough alcohol showing up.

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