To Hell and Back Session 2 – Everything is Terrible


Dawn is breaking, and Gene and Nicky have survived the night. They fought off a strange monster who appeared to be made of hamburger, and began uncovering the keys to the secrets of the manor. The keys correspond to several of the locked doors.

Now Gene and Nicky have to investigate as much as possible while the sun is still shining. Because when night falls, the orphanage is fair game for the monsters who watch it carefully. Can the children survive the night?

This session unfortunately ends suddenly due to recording corruption. This is addressed in the finale. Our apologies. 


  • Nate – Nicole “Nicky” Mazzera. A 13-year-old proto-hipster girl with strawberry blonde hair and the most chill disposition.
  • Zach – Genesis “Gene” Seabright.  An energetic, good-natured child with brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, sweet pumps, and some mysterious bruises.

Side Chatter

Map of The Manor


  1. Ok, so that was a creepier and darker episode. XD I love it.

  2. Are the days supposed to seem this short? Cause they seem to be less then 3 to 4 hours long.

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