In the REALM OF LIGHT AND SHADOW, a universe that is just next door to our own, a great conflict is overflowing. The GREAT EMPEROR GUNCAT, beloved ruler of all the land, has been stricken by a curse.

His GREAT MEOW has been stolen by the insidious forces of the FELINE SHADOW, a terrible and evil creature who has ripped open the door between universes, and will stop at nothing to destroy everything he can touch.

The GREAT EMPEROR GUNCAT has called together a force of ULTIMATE WARRIORS from beyond his own realm to save his kingdom.

Their skills are DIVERSE. Their motivations, STRANGE. Their dispensations, WACKY AT BEST.

Their methods:

Completely Bull$#!@.
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It’s late October, and Halloween season is here. Time for costumes, candy, and good old fun times. There’s Trick-or-Treating to be done, and a Who-Can-Get-The-Most-Candy Contest to be had.

Before all that occurs, though, it’s time to get on board the Friendship Guilt train.

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