Little Fears Session 12 – Death By Chocolate (Part 2)


The Apple Court Easter Egg hunt has turned deadly, and claimed two victims. The victims consumed incredibly enticing chocolate eggs, and were dissolved into dripping black pools of chocolate.

Someone has planted these eggs, deliberately dooming whoever eats them to a horrific death. It’s up to the Apple Court kids to track them down and put a stop to it.

Can they find the killer and stop him before more children succumb to the trap?

Side Chatter


  1. Oh my god, another kid drama has sparked! You folks have an affinity for this stuff in… every GAME!!! LOL also the Candy Fiend started sounding like Conan as played by Arnold. I kept expecting him to say: What is best in life?… Candy.

    Great Scenario.

  2. somehow it was right when I heard the dopey candy manchild talking that i started to get really freaked out. just starting to figure out or assume little bits as its grim, direct menacing of “no take candy” goes on in the foreground, and the kids uneasily starting to make the same conclusions clear in their voices

  3. Loved this game! Liked how you Matt had the ingenuity at switching it from Halloween to Easter. Liked the happy ending, and Zach seemed to fit in perfectly well!

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