To Hell and Back Session 1 – Orientation


Welcome to Ellerbe’s Manor for Wayward Children. I’m sure you signed your contract, but did you read the fine print? Oh, don’t worry about the locked doors and the barred windows: they’re there for your protection.

The Manor is here for you, and so are its caretakers and staff. Of course, they only come at night.

Can you survive until the stroke of midnight?


  • Nate – Nicole “Nicky” Mazzera. A 13-year-old proto-hipster girl with strawberry blonde hair and the most chill disposition.
  • Zach – Genesis “Gene” Seabright.  An energetic, good-natured child with brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, sweet pumps, and some mysterious bruises.

Side Chatter

Map of The Manor


  1. Ok, while listening to this I thought Charlie had got some inspiration from the Rule of Roses game, the game that can be found on the House of Little Fears website as inspiration for a game. Watched the trailer prior to this game and was really getting that vibe. also felt like he was channeling some Rats in the Walls or Brown Jenkins stuff. Really cool and creepy thus far.

    1. I was actually mostly drawing from the Silent Hill at the time, 4 and 3 having the most influence. I knew of Rule of Rose before I ran the game but it wasn’t on my mind when I made it. I do agree that Rule of Roses is great to draw inspiration from for a psychological horror game.

  2. Yeah those kids aren’t your friends. They don’t tell you anything! They just leave you out to dry. You could have died in the first night if you had met anything really bad out there! And yet again they don’t say anything about anything that’s going on in that house, even after the first night!

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