Little Fears Session 8 – Polybius (Part 4)

"Dungeon Party" by V&A Steamworks

Polybius continues to hound the nightmares of the Apple Court kids. Mette’s gone tower climbing, and the brave heroes have hacked and slashed their way through the castle. They’ve acquired some sweet loot and they find themselves in front of yet another ornate, enormous door.

Polybius still has hold of some of their friends, and the looming threat of Ginny being kidnapped is hanging over their heads. Can they beat the game before the game beats them?

Side Chatter


  1. Poor Joel. He tries so hard to get Meteo’s attention…

    … and then he opens his mouth and drives her off again. Conspiracy theories may occasionally be right, but dammit, they don’t win you the girl.

    1. The most heart breaking ones are the ones where he actually gets her attention, then says something that weird her out.

  2. I think its more, hey if Joel is to busy in his room we can take care of the kid we like and other things like that
    Also poor poor Joel

  3. I don’t understand why they were pushing so hard to show Darl that Darek was a monster. I don’t see how that helps the situation at all. If anything it would just freak Darl out and end in him pushing them away, or he could just flat out refuse to believe the truth and think your just messing with him and enrage him enough to hit you guys for accusing his brother of such a thing. It was his brother after all.

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