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7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 16

The crew of the Fanoma Reine has, for now at least, evaded the Inquisition forces.  It was not without considerable loss:  The crew is bearing a great many injuries from the fight in the palace and the subsequent fight and chase with the inquisition death squad, which left a few members subject to a hailstorm of gunfire.

Tired and bedraggled, the crew stumbled into the underground city of Petit Charouse, founded by a disgraced invisible college member, populated by the untouchables, and led by an explorer with a nasty-looking gauntlet.

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7th Sea – The Ballad of The Fantoma Reine Episode 11

The crew of the Fantoma Reine find themselves at the island of Klørbulg after a request from the leader of the Bodilsfolk.  They are asked to remove an outside, an Ussuran Prince from a recently opened ancient Syrneth tomb in order to prevent his presence from starting a civil war.  If they can carry out this favor, they will have the absolute commitment of the Bodilsfolk, and may have some sway with the Tilletsfolk, and a vital vote with the Vesten High Council in avoiding a long-standing and bloody conflict with Vendel.


Note: This episode was recorded with Mumble’s multitrack recorder and it just randomly decides to desync audio tracks.  I did my best to keep everything aligned but a track still sometimes goes a second out of sync.  We decided to stop using Mumble after this episode.

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Base Raiders – Boiling Point (Part 2)


Our intrepid heroes (?) got a tip-off about Lucas Mallard, and through a combination of ritalin and ghosts discovered the location of the abandoned Base he was using for super-soldier drug supplies. After kidnapping Mallard and commissioning their own personal submarine, the Base Raiders are off to the races.

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Little Fears Session 21 – You Are Watching NBC

A heat wave is stretching across Apple Court, and ominous things are pursuing Mette. The kids of Apple Court are reeling from the ministrations of a manipulative psychopath, and the Closet Land is getting closer.

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Mrs Friedas 86 – Scott’s Odyssey Part 16 – The Suitors (Part 5)


The kids are knee deep in the brainwashed governmental murder men. Their only ally is an AI whose loyalty is dubiously programmed. It will take all of their brain power and planning and more than their fair share of luck to make it out alive.

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