Little Fears Session 6 – Polybius (Part 2)

An awesome birthday party was held at the roller rink, and a large multiplayer game was played. That night, the Apple Court kids woke up in a strange videogame world, and were forced to fight a frog monster.

They’ll have to continue in the game: the only way out is forward. Can these brave warriors fight their way to freedom from the tyranny of Polybius?

Side Chatter


  1. Why does Derel Powers sound like Silvester Stallone? Matt? lol

    1. Author

      That’s what happens when I make my voice deeper and dopeyer.

  2. So no questions from Grim’s mom about the whole thing with the ladder leaning on the house
    Also Nate does his little trying to be adorable cute whine
    Charlie’s character, cutting into NPC’s perfect player character behavior
    Joel says day and Alice gets to piggy back all along the place
    Metaphor, she is metaphorically not mentally there
    Basalisk hack for the win!
    Ok I am confused the last 20minutes of the game explaining the Polybius stuff got me confused
    Why not do just level 3. And do level 4-5 the next night
    Also nice connecting it with the Arcana, and 6levels with random assortment of the Arcana
    Can’t wait to see all of these Arcana, please let the strongest be the Fool
    Wait a Call of Cthulhu scenario? Oooh the ones already posted?

  3. The part with the numbers really confused me. It might just be because we didn’t get to see them. I thought it was just one long line of numbers. You guys sometimes need to explain what you guys are given in the chat or sent to you through Skype cause we can’t see what you see unless you put a link to it in the post. Besides that another good game. A lot of fighting though. You should use big fights like this to explain the rule of the game a little more to the viewers. Even if you have explained it to us before, we may have forgotten some or just missed them before, and knowing whats going on mechanically is nice.

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