Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 6

It’s another Wednesday, and Keith continues to be in an un-abducted state. Whatever force is kidnapping kids, it seems to be biding its time.

Keith has some important news, and of course everyone else is more worried about relationship drama.

But things are starting to come down to the wire, here. Can the delinquents solve the mystery before they’re swept away by it?

Side Chatter


  1. This session brought up an interesting idea, even though it was mainly meant in jest: a monsters-only mini-campaign or standalone session. There have been a few monster standalone moments in Road Trip, but for the most part the kids are the centre of attention. Why not see how monsters would interact without their charges? I’d love, for example, to see Namazu and Condor having a conversation. Or Hammerstein and Woodbeard. Or Bos and, hell, anybody, ’cause Bos presents his own communicative difficulties.

    Just sayin’.

    1. Author

      We’ve played a monsters-only one-shot before. It went very strangely and will never be posted ever.

        1. Author

          It went strangely in a bad way.

          1. Yeah. It was mostly my fault.

  2. So many of your games should come with the warning label: don’t listen to this in the dark.
    And please tell me that was a D&D reference in the side chatter.

  3. The first hour of this recording is extremely frustrating for me because everyone sounds so tired, or out of it, or something because every conversation has huge gaps were no one is speaking after every sentence. That kind of fits for Keith in my mind but when it cotinues for one hour strait it get a little annoying. Also I want to hear more about empath girl. She’s my favorite and I want to know more about her, and see her charecter get time develop some more. I hope we might see her in other games like Freidas.

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