Little Fears Session 5 – Polybius (Part 1)

After some time in the hospital, we go from scary times to happy ones.  It’s Grim’s birthday, and all the Apple Court kids are invited!  Party at the local skating  rink.  Skating, cake, and videogames for all.  What could possibly go wrong?

Side Chatter


  1. old school co-op beatemups at the arcade with bad voiceovers!? I nostalgia’d everywhere

    it was really interesting how fun it was to listen to people rp as children playing a videogame. then again, Star Wars Battlefront was one of the highlights of the older Little Fears games

    didn’t feel like Valentine’s Day dragged on, I was just comfortably suprised when nothing mystical happened

  2. Is this based on a module for Little Fears or loosely inspired by the RPPR game or is this a rendition of Polybius from the dark and twisted imagination of Matt? XD

    1. Author

      Inspired by the RPPR game, most definitely. It changed a lot between my original ideas and what ended up getting played out. I can say I easily spent 3 days writing this shit up.

  3. Also liked the semi-normalcy and then when the characters least expect it, BANG!!! Polybius has got you in its hold! Loved it.

    1. I was listening and almost thought this was going to be an episode of red herrings but then after the party I am all like Ohhhh… I know whats coming!

  4. But in a Dream Matt you can never feel pain

  5. Do the windy thing. sounds like someones a homestuck fan

  6. Liked this game too. When I here the GM just listing games that the kids could do in the way he was, I figured there was nothing wierd going to happen at school, but when that card from the store came to them with a bunch of numbers for a code for a free game I shit(uh oh, gotta put a coin in the coin jar) was going down. Also the way Sam plays Jenna sounds and feels soo much like Molly just without some of the crazy things siad here or there, that it kind of puts me off, not that I don’t like Molly! Just can’t make a picture of Jenna in my head when he’s talking as her. And yes. Joke intended.
    Also wouldn’t it be better if the kid who actualy does hand to hand combat and karate get the gloves? Cause Grim has his stick and doesn’t really need them.

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