Mrs Frieda’s Side Stories – Monster ISS Session 5

After a harrowing pizza party and bus adventure home, it’s time for the weekend. Forecast for juvenile delinquents: slacking, with a side of shopping. Julie’s on the hunt for new contacts, Yuji has relationship troubles, Fenix is bumming around, and Keith is well…Keith.

Everything’s as status quo as it’s going to be.  For now…

Side Chatter


  1. Good episode. The plot has kinda slowed to a crawl, but there’s enough character interaction that it hardly matters. Drugged-out conversation was pretty awesome.

  2. Yuji Koury: Smooth to a fault. And Jeff was hilarious!

  3. Noooooo! James were are you!!!! We miss you.
    I don’t know if Keith can give it up like he said he would. Some habits are hard to break.
    So Butch has a girl who can basically go anywhere and hear everything around her, explains why he has so much info, she’s the perfect spy.

    1. Also is it just me or does Nate like Asian woman, cause he roleplays a lot of them. That and Irish men.

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