Road Trip Session 23 – Are You There, Witch? (Part 1)

Donny’s terrible van is quickly busing the group way out of that crazy hospital horror scene. Straight out of the fire and into the frying pan. Their next postcard is apparently leading them straight to Oz, and the Emerald City.

Someone’s stirring up a revolution, and the sitting leaders of Oz are helpless to stop them. The kids will have to uncover who’s behind the movement, and stop them before it’s too late.



  1. Feed is busted I got “sidetalk23.mp3”

  2. Thus far, one of my favorite APs. The ending bit had me on the floor laughing.

  3. Road Trip nice. Need to catch up with the November episode of Freida’s.

    CoolRat has epic action movie moments and travels with the party. Are CoolRat became ‘good’ and killed the Brain Trust…
    Either way awesomeness ensues
    West Virginia, it is a interesting place
    Also Ross Payton jerking. Poor poor Ross
    The frog car gets more and more dangerous and awesome. Metal bars, boxes that could be heaters or freezers, spikes, the thing is terrifying
    Also through Spring field… BURN IT!

    Also, Alex is great. I so wish I did not lose that recording from the CoC game.

  4. The Oz part of the session seemed to be moved along quite quickly, was that because they spent so much time in the first half just screwing around in the van? Awesome game guys! What’s with that cowboy policeman? I remember him from the other session awhile back but I don’t remember him being quite as goofy. Was he always like that?

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