Mrs Frieda’s Halfway Home Session 54 – November Snow

Troy is swaddled in the quiet, thick snow of Winter. The city is blanketed in calm and holiday spirit. Halloween has passed and the year is quickly tipping down towards its end.

The heavy snow and canceled school days mean it’s time for the annual Winter trip to Camp LeFay. Snow Wars will be fought. A Snow Bastion will be built and fall. Two will find their paths joined. Two others will fray apart.

The Spirit of the Forest is calling again.

And with that, Frieda’s Season Two draws to a close. Comment, and join the discussion on our forums and let us know what you thought!

Side chatter



  1. I can’t decide whether the whole Mrs. Frieda’s tale is a tragedy or a comedy. I can sense so many bad things in store for so many of the characters, yet also the opposite. Even George, despite all the secretive shit he’s pulled, still seems redeemable with his panda antics and occasional fun-time freakouts. Hmm.

  2. I agree.
    Kids being kids is great and snow fight!… Damn that may happen sometime soon in Northbrook, note to self stop acidently copying Freida’s
    Cause Blowtorches are only good for torturing suspects.
    James is the NPC that needs more love same with Donna…
    Does the Rabbit have a sign which says ‘Come to the Rabbit Hole?’
    And now the love that is most awkward comes to pass. Manny + Caleb for life!
    Condor he is the biggest narcissist and a massive jackass. So is George and bad things they do will catch up
    Awesomely adorable rabbit being childish
    George more and more evil with time when shall his crimes be revealed and how shall they shape the story?

    To each character Freida’s is a different story.
    Emma its accepting herself.
    George is redemption
    and so on

    Also still not seeing it Nate still not seeing it.

  3. “A parade of colors” made me picture Nele in a Pride Parade.
    During the confession, I was chanting “Kiss him! Kiss him!” in my head and then it happened and then I lost it to feels.

  4. Y’know… The spirit of the forest was trapped in that forest for like months! And the kids knew about it. All this time they knew about it and did nothing. I’m wondering if the reason why she is dead is because they ignored her all this time. Dear god kids! Get your priorities in order!…… And kill Slash!

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