Road Trip Session 22 – The Lone Streetlamp

Daniel’s in the hospital, so it must be Thursday. Suddenly, everyone realizes that they can’t remember the last time they had a proper meal. Their immediate choice? Steak and Cheese House.

Can the gang survive the food coma from eating too much steak and cheese? Will they resume their quest? Or will they be caught up in the strange goings on in the local Mercy Hospital?



  1. ah, that takes me back… twice

    and siding with Sean a bit on the tone thing. a pleasant atmosphere’s more pleasant to listen to, and even with the side comments, got a lot of “oh shit” factor at the reveal of Daniel’s sister. maybe just my outlook on life, but try my best not to take anything so seriously that it can’t be joked or laughed at in some respect, or else we’d never get through the day

    1. it also really made me want a cheese-steak…

    2. That mostly came up because it’s difficult for me to play out a dramatic scene if I can’t ignore the side comments. One of the perks about doing this over Skype is that we have the chat for side comments or OOC things we don’t want to interrupt a scene with. It was mostly an acting nitpick, y’know what I mean?

  2. YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!! Slendy makes a comeback! always a plus in any game… at least for me.
    And that comment about birth fluid coming out of a door from Charlies far past, had me cracking up as I kept thinking of that scene from the shining with the blood out of the elevator. XD

    1. Also I love how Daniel is Commander Shepard… ALWAYS!

  3. We’ve talked about the flickering street lamp before, what does it mean, what does it want, Who Does It Want, WHO IS IT’S MASTER, ….. and does it have any lore behind it that is written down in a play book or did you come up with it your self?

    1. Author

      The Lone Streetlamp is a manifestation of the underworld entities in the real world and mostly meant to herald things going badly. The inspiration came from the story “Mount Pleasant” from Youtuber TheLittleFears. That name is referenced in a super old Little Fears game we played, titled “A Nightmare in Mount Pleasant” which follows this same plot.

      This scenario is also starting to show its age as the Slender Man as a monster has gotten pretty stale.

      1. I remember the light in the game on Mount Pleasant, its why I asked, I’ve listened to all the podcast up to this point and hope to continue to until I catch up, and long after. Hope I can go back after I catch up to comment on the older ones, some have no comments at all. And that’s sad. 🙁

        1. Please do! We greatly enjoy listener comments. Feedback from you guys keeps us going. : )

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